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Info Covid-19

Update for the summer season 2022 will follow as soon as possible

Dear Guests,

The situation is constantly improving.

We all want to remind you of our commitment to the health, safety and protection of our guests and renew it for the upcoming summer season 2022!

How do we take care of you? By following two key points (until new decree from the local authorities):

1. safety and hygiene in the hotel

2. flexibility of cancellations

 Safety and hygiene first

We are committed to welcoming you in the maximum safety way by following the instructions of the health authorities, adopting every update and providing cleaning measures that guarantee sanitized, and therefore peaceful, environments.

What will we do in the different areas of the hotel?


- From the common areas to the rooms, cleaning will be carried out with specific products to sanitize in depth.

- We will disinfect the contact points of the common areas several times a day (lifts, handrails, etc.).

- We will constantly ventilate the rooms to ensure the exchange of air.

- We will provide hand sanitizing solutions at various points in the hotel.

- Guests must always wear a mask in closed common areas.

- You must keep a distance of one meter and wear the mask when using the elevators with people who you are not living together and who are not staying in the same room.

- The whole team will wear the medical safety devices indicated by the authorities (e.g. masks, etc.), will be trained on the measures and actions useful to ensure safety and will only use sanitized work tools.

- We will supervise firsthand and with the help of dedicated professionals on the correct application of the sanitation procedures.Here are what other measures we will take in the various areas of the hotel to protect a safe stay


-This summer we will have to avoid hugs, kisses and handshakes, but our welcome will be warm from the bottom of our heart, as usual.


-The tables in the dining room have been spaced apart, we will adopt flexible hours and possibly organize shifts to access the room without gatherings.

- Customers must wear a mask whenever you are not sitting at the table.

- Our staff will continue to provide the highest service as usual and will follow all the rules of the government and WHO to manage the emergency, many of these rules fall within the guidelines of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a system of rules and protocols that has been guaranteeing the food safety, which we have been strictly following for years;

- Cutlery, glasses and dishes are sanitized using high temperature systems and antibacterial detergents ... even if this has always been done.


- The bedroom and bathroom linens have always been disinfected because it is washed and ironed at high temperatures, and delivered in closed wrappers.

- Every day all rooms, such as common areas, are carefully cleaned and sanitized with special treatments.

- Before each check-in rooms are cleaned in depth by using specific products for careful disinfection of all environments and all surfaces.


Indoor and outdoor play areas for children will be open and usable, we will sanitize the games several times a day. Social distancing will have to be observed and parents will be responsible for their children’s compliance with it and with other safety rules.


-  All extra equipment (bicycles, high chairs, strollers etc.) will be at your disposal. As usual you could request them directly at the reception. The equipment will be sanitized after each use.


Flexible cancellation policies

This virus has already stolen us so much, we don’t want to allow it to steal even the dream of a holiday. In response to this period of uncertainty, we offer free cancellation (without penalty) up to 3 days before arrival, whatever channel you will choose to book.


For any information we remain available by email and by phone, do not hesitate to contact us!